What Should You Expect When You Remodel Your Home

When you’re trying to find the right remodeler in Los Angeles, California, it is easy to get overwhelmed. The notion of putting your largest, prized assets into a stranger’s hands can be daunting. However, with the right steps, you can eliminate a lot of the uncertainty that can come with this process.

What are you looking for in a remodeler?

  • In-house design service so your vision for the design will be appropriately carried out.
  • Knowledgeable about many common remodeling aspects of the architectural styles of El Segunda.
  • Effective communication for the duration of the project.
  • Ensures that the job meets or exceeds all of the building regulations and codes.
  • Does the job right the first time to save you money.
  • Has a warranty to stand behind the work.
  • Uses the best materials possible for your personal budget.
  • Responds in a timely manner to all service questions and other calls.
  • Provides a neat, safe job site for the members of your family, including your pets.

Keep in mind that many remodelers focus on specific projects. The particular contractor that you contact may not be able to undertake your project, but they should be able to refer you to an equally quality remodeler that will.

Where to you start?

  • Consider furniture size, traffic patterns, lighting, and color.
  • Narrow down what you really want from your remodeling job. Browse magazines and web sites for inspiration, collecting pictures as you go. Presenting clear visuals to your remodeler will significantly decrease confusion and miscommunication. If you can’t find an exact picture of something that you want, make up some simple sketches.
  • Determine your budget. Don’t forget about landscaping and furnishing. Sit down with your lender or bank and discuss your borrowing limit and what your repayment plan options will be.

Once you have narrowed down your budget and ideas, where do you go for referrals?

  • Family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who have prior experience with remodelers. These people will be able to give you insight about how the process of their projects and the final results as well as opinions about the specific remodelers who completed their projects.
  • Local trade organizations
  • Independent building material suppliers, engineers, trade contractors, architects, insurance professionals, and local lenders.
  • Industry organizations, such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association or the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. These organizations have high standards for their members. You are much more likely to get a quality remodeler through an organization than you will from simply pulling a name out of a phone book or completing a blind online search.

Now that you have a list of potential remodelers, what do you do?

  • Consult consumer protection agencies and your state’s licensing agency to see if there have been any complaints with the remodelers. The licensing agency will also verify their registrations and licenses.
  • Now that you have your list of potential contractors, start setting up some appointments.
  • When you have your initial meetings with the remodelers, pay attention to their people skills. They should be friendly, professional, and ready with all of their business essentials such as insurance information and photos of previous projects.
  • Make sure that you get a written estimate from each contractor that includes the materials that will be used and the work that will be done.
  • Be weary of contractors who can “start tomorrow,” as they are most likely desperate for work.
  • Now that you have all of your ducks in a row, it’s time to make your decision. Discuss the pros and cons of each remodeler and decide which one is the best fit for you and your particular project. While it has been a little project just to get to this point, your efforts will be rewarded with a wonderful asset for your home.