What is an Interior Re-Designer and How Can They Help Me?

An interior re-designer specializes in arranging everything in a room, from the existing furniture to the flowers. Often used in magazine shoots, re-designers or stylists make rooms look fabulous on camera. Now homeowners can hire a re-designer to make their own rooms look fabulous…in real life!

I’m often asked just how the process works. It starts with talking with my client
about their lifestyle needs. For instance, does the “man/woman of the house” sit in
a certain chair in the family room and does it need to be lined-up with the TV or
need a good reading light by it for using a laptop? Do they have young children or
rambunctious teen-agers so no breakable decorations on the coffee tables? (This is
my secret for why the finished rooms live as good as they look… I have seen family
members from early grade school children to unenthusiastic spouses come home
and wander around the newly re-designed rooms commenting on how they like it!)

Next I look at the furnishings with an eye to arranging them into a room with some
real style. While I’m at it I will “shop” the home to see what I can find and put to
better use in other ways. Often times the initial shopping list gets shorter as
inspiration strikes, and we find new use for existing items. Just today I was re-
designing a living/dining room combination and was able to place a console piece
backed up to the sofa so it could also be used for additional serving service in the
dining room. The client was thrilled not only with the new look but the added
functionality of her room when entertaining without buying another piece of
furniture. Other times I’ve found a chair tucked into a walk-in closet and a trunk,
artwork, and area rugs stored in garages.

Then I direct an assistant to empty the room of everything but the largest pieces so I
can begin with a clean slate to re-design a beautiful professionally decorated room.
This includes not only arranging the furniture but hanging art and pictures, placing
lamps and plants, accessorizing tables (tablescapes), mantles, curio cabinets, china
hutches and bookcases. We complete the room down to the last detail the client
gives me to work with. Having been a florist, I often arrange silk or use fresh flowers
from the yard to add that extra style to the room.

If a client needs additional items, I then will write them a shopping list at the end for
finishing touches. If they want help shopping, I can help them with that as well. I
have one client who hates to shop because she finds it hard to visualize the items in
her home. She has been living there several years feeling like it felt unfinished and
not very “homey”. We’ve made several shopping runs now and after the last one, she
sent me an e-mail and said “The house looks awesome.” Some times you just need
a little help to get your home where you would love it to be!

I hope this helps you understand what an interior re-designer can do for your home.
They can make all the difference within a few hours. The most common response I
hear when a client walks into see their newly re-designed room for the first time is:
“I can’t believe it. I would never have thought of doing it this way but I LOVE it!” So
consider using an interior re-designer when you move into a new home with your
previous furnishings or after you’ve remodeled or when you just want the home
you’ve been dreaming of as you flip through those decorating magazines! A re-
designer probably added their flair to the very rooms you are looking at. Why not
hire one to do the same for your home?