Space Saving Remodel – Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are clever little things that slide away into the wall instead of opening on hinges like a more conventional door. Pocket doors have been in use in homes for over a century, both to save space and to close off larger areas such as sitting rooms and dens.

The benefits of a pocket door in a smaller home are rather obvious. The average door can steal up to ten square feet of your living space just to accommodate the space it needs to open and close properly. D├ęcor and furnishings have to be planned around this inconvenience and so the homeowner is limited as to what they can do in their own space.

A pocket door simply slides away into a frame in the wall, freeing up a great deal more of the room and opening up the design possibilities.

In the past one complaint home owners had about pocket doors was that older versions ran on steel runners and rollers and were noticeably noisy in comparison to their hinged counterparts. That is no longer the case though.

The runners are still steel but the rollers are made from a hard nylon material that reduces the noise when opening and closing the door considerably. If you ask your carpenter to use ball bearing runners instead of nylon rollers they move almost silently.

The one drawback of these doors is that they can’t be used just anywhere. Because they necessitate a special frame to house them they should only be installed by a trained professional who can make sure that the structure of your home and its delicate electrical and plumbing systems that will share the wall with your new doors will not be compromised.