Space Efficient Remodeling Ideas For Your Bathroom

A focal point when it comes to added home value, remodeling a bathroom is truly a project of great benefits. Especially with New York big city living, the only possible time that you can de-stress everyday is in this area. This makes it all the more important for homeowners to try and add more luxury and appeal through improvements. The generally small Manhattan bathrooms pose a set of new challenges and this article lays out ideas that answer to the space issue.

The design to implement when remodeling your small Manhattan bathroom should be that to create a look and feel of a more spacious area. This can be achieved through literally creating more space or just an illusion that the room is bigger than it originally is. Here are several ways by which this goal can be achieved:

* Maximize the use of light. To bring in more light into the bathroom, add skylights or opt for larger windows. A glass block window is a great addition that brings more privacy and helps avoid the need to put on blinds and shades. With lighting fixtures, you can choose to add wall sconces, ceiling lights and multi-light fixtures especially over mirrors and other task-designated areas.

* Making the wall visible at all angles is another way to make the room appear larger. This makes frameless glass enclosures with clear glass doors, instead of frosted ones, more ideal.

* To make the ceiling seem higher, create vertical line accents which can be done with vertical stripes or creative positioning of lighting fixtures. This can also be accomplished by drawing attention to the top of the wall through paint or wallpaper border or decorative molding.

* Maximize the use of space by carefully choosing fixtures and features to add to your Manhattan bathroom remodeling project. You can start by replacing the bath tub with a large shower, but if tubs are your thing, then opt for smaller deep-soaking models. For sinks and toilets, wall-hung products functions as efficiently but takes up less space. Shop for multi-purpose products like mirrored medicine cabinets that can be set into the wall to appear plainly as just a mirror. For your bathroom cabinetry, choose designs that are recessed and wall-mounted.

* Less is more. This is the reason why an empty room would seem much larger than when it is already furnished. Clutter is a major factor that makes any room seems cramped. To avoid this, make use of innovative storage products. To be able to store more in the bathroom cabinets, add on organizers.

* Other than lighting, colors play a great role in creating space in your small Manhattan bathroom remodeling project. Soft and pale colors for walls and flooring make up for an illusion of more space. To add a peaceful ambiance, choose light cool colors. Grout colors that are of the same or closely resembles the color of the tiles would avoid disrupting the continuity in vision thus adding space. For accents, bright colors would greatly complement the small bathroom remodeling design.