Remodeling With Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling the heart of homes is the most common home improvement that people undertake for the many benefits that such a project offers. The cabinetry collection is considered the building blocks that visually dominate the area and provide for storage that helps keep everything organized. Thus selecting which cabinet set to have for your kitchen is a crucial decision to make. This article discusses why oak kitchen cabinets are among the best investments any homeowner could have in their remodeling project.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets and Their Benefits

Oak is a household name when it comes to home furniture and furnishing for the excellent quality that it comes in, providing homes that innate strength for beauty that lasts for many years. Oak is a popular hardwood because of its sturdiness and compared with other options, it has greater density. In busy kitchens, consistently changing temperature and moisture levels are common as well as all the spills and mess of food preparation and cooking. With proper sealing, a cabinetry collection manufactured from such hardwood will efficiently stand the test of time.

Oak kitchen cabinets are not only durable, but they also posses a beauty unlike others. This choice is perfect in capturing that unique natural touch to the d├ęcor with its beautifully changing patterns that offers a dramatic effect. Oak is well-known for being an attractive choice with its well-loved rough grains. Coming in a selection of natural colors, the assortment is made wider by the various rich tones that your cabinetry collection can be stained with. And the variety is made more versatile the different door and drawer front styles that oak kitchens showcase.

Cost Vs. Value

Oak is a common hardwood grown in North America and other regions and is popular for home improvements thus looking for such wood for your remodeling project is not very hard. Today, you can take advantage of the beauty and durability of Oak kitchen cabinets without the expense of custom cabinetry through opting for ready to assemble. And even if you choose to have your cabinet pieces custom-made, the investment will eventually payback as this addition will bring great resale value to your home.

Remodeling Oak Kitchen Cabinets

As time goes by, marks and other signs of wear and use will eventually show on the surface of your cabinetry collection. When this time comes, you can refinish your oak kitchen cabinets to bring back a renewed luster, making them seem as good as new. To remodel cabinet units, here are general steps to take:

1. Unscrew every hardware and label parts as you go along disassembling them for easier re-assembling.

2. Using a clan cloth lightly dampened in mineral spirits, wipe off the surfaces. Sand your cabinet pieces with a 220 grit sandpaper, then follow with a 180 grit for a smoother finish. Complete the cleaning process with a deglosser.

3. Apply the stain or paint product of your choice, as directed by manufacturer.

And your oak kitchen cabinets will glow with a renewed polish.