Home Remodeling For Pets

Are your pets happy with their living accommodations? Is Fido happy about the fact that his crate is hidden away in the mud room because it is less than attractive to look at? Maybe Fluffy is a little disgruntled that her litter box is hidden away in the basement for much the same reason.

The good news is that there is a lot of companies out there who are coming up with some rather clever pet furniture and even home remodeling ideas that take your pet’s needs into consideration as well as your own.

Doting pet owners are increasingly creating actual pet suites for their furry friends within their homes. Some are including a special pet nook as a part of an existing room while others are even choosing to devote an entire room to the project.

So how do you go about creating a safe haven for your pets? Choosing an adequate space is the first step. Your pet will need a place with good air circulation and a fairly constant temperature. An easy to clean hard surface floor is ideal, so that any accidents can be quickly and easily cleaned up. Hardwood may not be the best option as pet urine tends to penetrate it quickly so a good quality vinyl or ceramic tile floor may be a better choice.

How you choose to “furnish” your pet’s new suite is entirely up to you but there are a great many surprisingly sophisticated options available in the modern pet furniture business.

Both dog crates and litter boxes can be hidden away in attractive wooden cabinets that look just like “regular furniture” and a large number of pet beds, cat posts that look like attractive shelving and even real wooden cat trees can be purchased (or even custom crafted by a carpenter) to give your pet’s personal space an attractive air.