Finding The Best Wood Windows For Your Home

You love fine home furnishings and windows that accent your home’s interior with genuine wood, but you also have a practical side that longs for low exterior maintenance so that you can protect your house from the elements without sacrificing interior beauty. To meet these criteria, today’s manufacturers are producing versions with durable vinyl exteriors. These are sometimes referred to as clad windows. Whichever name they go by, they provide exceptional value and durability that lasts for years. While these may be slightly pricier than all vinyl options, they offer something no other brand or style can give you – the true luxury of fine grain wood interior frames for that timeless style that will last for decades. But how do you find the right kind? It’s easy when you keep a few things in mind.

Industry Experience

Not all manufacturers are backed by companies that have been around very long. You may be able to get a lower price from a small company that’s just started out, but they could be here today and gone tomorrow, potentially leaving you with unsolved problems down the road. Just as with any home remodeling purchase, your best bet is to stick with an industry leader. Your local window replacement service should be able to help you choose the right brand for your needs. Generally, any company that has been around for twenty five years or more will back their product with an excellent warranty and be favored by home remodeling businesses that have experienced their quality first hand.

Look At The Construction Of Wood Windows

The most versatile windows are manufactured to strict standards by established companies, but they also feature details that give you solid protection and not just beautiful aesthetics. A rigid, vinyl frame cover on the exterior is the best way to protect the outside frame from damage. It will also provide you with years of maintenance-free exterior beauty. If a window company suggests aluminum clad wood, think carefully about the climate you’re in. If you have a lot of temperature fluctuation between seasons, aluminum won’t insulate your home as well as a vinyl clad window replacement.

A Variety Of Styles And Options

An established window replacement company will carry a complete line-up of decorative solutions, including unusual shapes and styles that can be tailored to your home’s decorative needs. If you talk to a window company that says, “we can’t do that,” keep looking. Superior wood options should be available in gliding, casement, picture, awning and double-hung styles as well as custom solutions such as quarter, tilt wash and elliptical options.

Other important details that indicate top quality include having the right type of hardware for ease of use. An easy-to-use crank handle on casing and awning styles makes for easier operation when your window is in an obstructed area such as over the kitchen sink. Not every window company offers a variety of opening mechanisms tailored to your needs, but some take the time to do so.

By keeping experience, construction and variety in mind, you can choose the best wood-accented windows available for your home. If you still aren’t sure which brand is best, talk to a window replacement or home improvement store in your area for additional guidance.