Country Bathroom Remodeling – Ideas and Tips

Are you prepared for total relaxation and tranquility? Then switch to country bathrooms. They are simple, fresh and inviting.

When you say “country bathroom remodeling project”, fresh, simple, antique, airy, pedestal sink, vintage, French, English cottage are the images that we invoke in our mind. This idea can be lot different from what an interior designer has in mind.

You can include elements from other rooms of the house, to give the bathroom an authentic country feeling. For example, chandeliers are generally placed in the dining room. You can incorporate small chandeliers with a vintage appearance in your bathroom. This will look great when it is hung just above a claw foot tub.

You can use items like checked curtains or mirrored cabinets to the country bathroom remodeling. You can also use bookshelf from the living room or .a dull cupboard from the bedroom for storage. Armchairs or bamboo chairs make great corner pieces in a bathroom. Wire baskets used in kitchen make perfect storage containers for towels or toiletries. These small changes make a country bathroom luxurious and relaxing. You can enjoy a long soak in the tub now.

Rustic accessories like wooden pegs and antique furnishers are great if you have a historic home. You can also use painted wooden shutters and wooden frames for bathroom remodeling. If you do not have antique furnishings, use look-alike knobs in existing furnishings and give them an impression of antique.

You can contact a contractor or an interior designer to put your thoughts into action. If you are hiring an interior designer or a contractor, make sure that they understand your plans on country bathroom remodeling. Country means different things for different people, as this is just an art of being creative, and creativity varies from person to person. Make sure your contractor understands your requirements, and put your plans on paper. Communication is vital in country bathroom remodeling and time will be wasted if communication is not effective.