Before You Start Your Modern Bathroom Remodeling

While many do-it-yourself remodeling projects come with tips and suggestions from the pros, or at the very least, lots of advice from your local home improvement store – quite often, homeowners aren’t given the insider tips on what NOT to do!

Aside from the usual adages such as “Measure twice; cut once,” and “Righty Tighty; Lefty Loosey,” there are some important tidbits that every homeowner should keep in mind before embarking on a bathroom remodel.

For starters, unless you’re a plumber or electrician by trade, you’ll probably need to contact professionals for the estimated expenses involved or for advice on how to proceed. Older bathrooms tend to have very little space to hide pipes and wiring and therefore, often times when cutting into drywall, homeowners are surprised and perplexed on what steps to take next.

Avoid disaster and extra costs by consulting a professional. Usually there’s no charge for an initial consultation and if there is a charge, it’s usually applied to the overall total price of your modern bathroom rehab.

Another important detail to remember is to draw out your plan. You need not be a graphic artist. Just take measurements, draw the layout of your existing space and then decide what will go where. Once the layout is laid out, you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re dealing with and so will any professionals you contact for advice.

After you’ve gotten everything planned, it’s time to start shopping.

Take your time.

Shop around and search the Internet for an extensive selection of modern bathroom fixtures and furnishings. Not only do Internet sources offer many specials and sales, they also provide a glimpse into the endless options available for your remodeling project.

Taking your old bathroom into the future is a worthwhile investment of both time and money so take your time, cover all your bases and in the end, you’ll save money.