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Garage Remodeling – A Great Space Saving Project

When a residential area is beginning to appear crowded for a growing family, it’s time to think and consider adding some extra space around the house. You do not need to get rid of the walls just to obtain the extra space needed, but you can choose some empty space that should be transformed into a habitable room. An ample choice is your garage because there is likely the chance of achieving your goal without doing any major renovations. Reconfiguring your garage can achieve that extra room that you have longed for without wasting so much construction costs.

A renovated house with a garage space for a room or for any other worthwhile home activities can increase enormously the home resale value. These days, many more are at home in the renovated garage which became one of the main portions of most newly remodeled houses. It is gradually becoming part of the home instead of just the detached parking space people considered before. Garage renovation can be a smart decision if you do not park in the garage anymore. This particular site could provide a more complete satisfaction for both you and your family because you can create additional living room, an office or perhaps an entertainment room where you can spend your time relaxing and unwinding. If you really want some extra space, then one of the best considerations would be to start transforming your garage.

Since the garage is the most deserted part of the house, all the waste and unwanted items are maybe dumped in there. As a result, the garage will be messy because trash are sometimes disregarded. Hence, renovating a garage could bring many advantages. If you cannot do it by yourself, then there are always professionals around that would be happy to do it for you and make your garage something of great value to you and your family. A lot of furniture can even be set up in the garage. You can always arrange your garage cabinets, wall systems and flexible equipment to complement your newly created space. You can change the place into a smooth and plush residential building or a robust ultra-modern furnished room with audio and video entertainment systems, if you really want to.

The choice to renovate your garage really saves a lot of money because it increases the extra space that requires no real expenses to spend. A complete garage renovation can only take weeks while remodeling another part of your house for the same purpose will take at least a month and maybe more. The project can really saves you lots of time and effort as you can schedule renovating your garage any time of the year even during winter.

Do You Have a “Master” Bedroom? You Shouldn’t! Tips for Remodeling Your Bedroom

The word “master” is an antiquated term that suggests control, domination, and inequality, and in today’s cooperative partner and/or single parent household, the label “master suite” has become obsolete. In that light, master bedrooms would more properly be called “main bedrooms” in today’s society.

Far removed from the activity of family rooms and busy kitchens, the bedroom is the place where your day begins and ends. Surprisingly, however, main bedroom redecorating frequently ranks near the bottom of most people’s home renovation lists. But if you want an immediate uplift of your emotional state, there are few projects that will do that more effectively than remodeling your main bedroom.

Remodeling Your Main Bedroom for Happiness

The main bedroom, with its softened textures, serene artwork, and muted patterns, intimately captures the warmth of a home. Passion colors, such as red, purple, royal blue, rose, or the gilt of gold, add drama and indulgence. Plan your main bedroom design with private times in mind, beginning with the purpose of the bedroom. Do you want a Passion Boudoir, Reading Room, or Private Sanctuary?

Passion Boudoir

French women are known to create the sexiest bedrooms in the world, and like many French women, today’s homemakers often plan for sex and decorate accordingly, creating evocative, enticing bedrooms. Here are a few suggestions for creating a Passion Boudoir:

Flattering colors contribute to personal beauty and are erotically appealing. Choose seductive colors like Rouge Red, Lipstick Reds, Creamy Peaches, and Subtle Pinks. Make sure the colors enhance your natural beauty. Be daring and use bold colors on the walls.

Luscious fabrics will set the stage for sensuousness. Use silky, velvet, and chenille textures in combination with nubby textures. Use fabrics that remind you of a favorite shared memory. Exotic patterns, such as animal prints or tropical florals, conjure images of faraway journeys.

Locating mirrors in unusual places, such as the tops of dressers or side tables, reflect dancing candle light. Tropical plants and trees, uplit with special lights, also cast exciting shadows.

An intimate bistro table, set with two chairs, invites private conversations. Dressing tables, furnished with feminine accessories and intimate objects, add mystery and romance to a room.

Just the presence of a bed tray suggests the possibility of the ultimate pleasure: breakfast in bed, while soft lighting, candles, essential oils in a diffuser, and gentle oscillating fans effectively complete the décor in a Passion Boudoir.

Reading Rooms

If you’re one of the many people who love to read in their bedrooms, you might consider designing your main bedroom with lounging and reading books in mind. Since eye experts warn that it’s bad for a person’s eyes to read while lying down (because we tend to hold the book too close), you might begin by enabling proper reading posture by installing padded headboards.

Another consideration is lighting. Eye experts claim that readers need at least two reading lamps of at least 175-200 watts, but that type of lighting would seem quite harsh in a bedroom setting. In fact, as my friend Madi, a devoted bedroom reader, says, “My reading time is some of my most important time, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s the most intimate time I give myself; it compares to what others may call meditation. Just being in a space that’s warm and comfortable with a good book is the greatest thing in the world to me, and any bright light would change the ambience of that quiet time.”

Madi certainly isn’t alone in cherishing her reading time, or in opposing harsh lighting in the bedroom. So instead of individual lights, consider equalizing the overall lighting scheme by adding other less obtrusive lights across the room.

Good colors for Reading Rooms include Old World Ivory, Antique Amber, Sage Green, and Slate Blue. These soft colors reflect light without glare and also support peaceful feelings.

Squishy pillows, luxurious Afghans or throws, landscape paintings with distant horizons, and mirrors for private reflections add feelings of indulgence. A great lounge chair with a floor lamp and nearby tea table completes the additions to a perfect Reading Room.

Private Sanctuary

Perhaps you’d rather turn your main bedroom into a personal retreat, where you can escape and unwind from a busy day. Surround yourself with photos of friends, family, and places you love, as well as your favorite artwork and meaningful mementos. Under-furnished private sanctuaries can also give you the space to contemplate and daydream.

Good colors for private sanctuaries include dark Forest Greens, deep Chocolates, Mochas, Navy or Cobalt Blues, and Eggplant. Darker colors create a womb-like feeling and aid deep sleep.

A writing desk, accompanied by a comfortable chair, induces journal and letter writing. A small refrigerator will make you feel as if you can enjoy your time in the bedroom without interruption, and a television offers the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and shows. Room-darkening window coverings also encourage deep sleep and aid in the restoration of your soul.

Living Room Furniture in Bedrooms

Bedrooms can truly become living rooms when they’re furnished luxuriously — like a private suite. Adding furniture usually considered living room pieces automatically upscales the importance of your bedroom. Sofas, rocking chairs, or matching overstuffed chairs help create the feeling of an oasis.

The bedroom is the most personal of all the rooms in our home. In fact, as a Realtor, I’ve been in houses on home tours where the main bedroom was off-limits. That may seem strange, but it only served to add to the mystery of the home. I’ve also been in a delightful home where the living room itself had actually been turned into a fabulous main bedroom!

Only you can decide the best bedroom setting for your personal preferences and lifestyle, but if you want to make a dramatic change for the better in your life, there’s no better way to accomplish that than remodeling your main bedroom!

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Tips For Avoiding Common Home Remodel Headaches

Home remodeling is an investment of both time and money with the end goal generally being to create extra space, increase in property value, or to redesign a current room into more usable space. Before making an investment, the following tips should be considered.

Tips For Avoiding Common Home Remodel Headaches:

  1. Once you set a budget, don’t deviate from it. As the remodel process commences, numerous people will be working on your home. Each will have ideas that may seem like a good idea, but each new idea means additional spending. Homeowners can find themselves going thousands of dollars over budget before they realize what has happened. Consider as many options as you need to before you begin work, then stick to your plan.
  2. Be prepared for the unexpected – even with new houses. Many people think because their house is new it’s in perfect condition. What it usually means is no one has lived there long enough to discover any problems. Some problems may include termites in walls, needing to rewire a room, water damage or mold behind walls. While a budget is set for work, a buffer should be set aside for any unavoidable repairs or fixes that need to be made during the process. If an owner is not prepared, stress and tension can result as well as a slow-down in the process.
  3. Don’t ignore permits. While obtaining permits can be a lengthy, drawn-out process, they are necessary – not just for the city to know who is building what, but also to ensure homeowners safety. Some permits have to do with structural integrity, size and to keep property values high. A qualified general contractor can ensure you get the proper permits and make sure the entire process runs smoothly.
  4. Don’t follow trends. While silver may be the new black this year in design, or open cabinets instead of closed, trends don’t last. In five to ten years your house may look completely out of date, devaluing your property when you decide to sell. Instead stay with a classic look that will stand the test of time.
  5. Use quality materials. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to home building or remodeling. Cheap materials mean you’ll most likely be replacing them in a few years. If you can’t afford a remodel with quality materials, wait until you can. The result will last a lot longer.
  6. Go green. Energy star appliances save money over time, but they also increase the resale value of your home. This is also true for green materials and energy efficient designs.
  7. Keep your improvements in-line with your neighborhood. If you are the biggest house on the block, you won’t get the same property value you would if you were in a neighborhood where larger houses were the norm. Property values are based on the average cost of a home in the area. Putting expensive finishing touches on a home in a neighborhood where houses are furnished minimally won’t give you a return on your investment. Buyers are going to wonder why your home is so overpriced.
  8. Be careful with DIY projects. Many people underestimate the expertise needed for a successful remodel. Projects get started or not finished, or in worse case scenarios unnecessary damage is done that costs more to fix than the entire project. If you want to undertake a remodel project make sure you have the expertise to do it the right way.

Enjoy your home. Whether you are fixing up your home for improved livability or to sell, make sure you have a space you like living in.