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The Scoop on Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

Eco-friendly homeowners are always looking for ways to decorate and remodel their homes in the most environmentally conscious ways possible. One of the most popular Eco-friendly solutions homeowners are choosing is bamboo flooring. If you are considering jumping on the bamboo flooring bandwagon, there are some bamboo flooring pros and cons you need to be aware of before making your final decision.


  • Recyclable – Since bamboo can be grown fast and easy it is also easily recycled.
  • Eco-friendly – These strong stalks of wood can be grown without the use of fertilizer or pesticides.
  • Durable – When properly cared for, bamboo is more durable than even hardwood floors since it resists moisture and can handle the weight of furniture as well as steel (medium grade).
  • Appealing – Besides being durable, bamboo is beautiful and natural looking.
  • Moisture Resistant – It’s perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or utility room as in any other room in the home because of its moisture resistant properties.
  • Affordable – Bamboo is more affordable than other kinds of flooring or comparable in some cases depending on what kind you buy and where you buy it.


  • Brittle -Cheaply made bamboo flooring can become brittle and break. This just means you need to buy high quality bamboo flooring to avoid this issue.
  • Installation – It can be a little difficult to install, but using a professional can help with that problem.
  • Product Grade – Buying from reliable sources that provide better grade flooring solutions is the best way to ensure you enjoy this flooring for many years.

Flooring isn’t the only use for bamboo, it is also used for indoor blinds and shades, outdoor pool and patio blinds, awnings, rugs, furnishings and porch canopies making it one of the most versatile of Eco-friendly home decor and remodeling solutions today. The bamboo business is thriving due to the overwhelming need of environmentally conscious homeowners that have taken the time to research various natural solutions for their homes. Bamboo has become more popular for canopies and awnings than its fabric competitor.

It is up to you to weigh the bamboo flooring pros and cons to determine if this is a solution for your home. As long as you avoid cheap bamboo flooring and buying from other countries where product guidelines are not as strict you will experience the sophisticated chic and natural look of your bamboo floor for many years.

Some Tips on New York Apartment Remodeling

It is human nature to constantly want something new and make changes. That is true even in our surroundings. Within our homes, for instance, we get into renovation projects that indulge us the chance to satisfy that hunger for change. Resulting from these is the increasing popularity of apartment remodeling in New York City. The residents of the Big apple garner the courage to embark on an interesting journey called home renovation projects. These projects require that we do extensive amount of research to look for as many apartment remodeling ideas and resources as possible to improve our living space and, at the same time, beautify it.

Apartments send out a notion of a relatively small-sized living space. While there are other apartments that have a fairly bigger square foot area than some, the average apartment size in big cities such as New York is not as generous as we would wish. Because of that, apartment remodeling in New York City can be a very daunting and challenging task. There are ways to make use of every inch of our apartment wisely.

The key is to give a lot of consideration on storage and furnishing space. There are so many ways for us to utilize our apartment that will solve our furnishing space and storage issues. One of the best suggestions we can come across with is to make use of certain neglected areas in our apartment. Spend the time to look around and spot corners that are underused. Under the bed is a huge space for boxes where we can store shoes, old letters, photographs, arts and crafts materials, and more. If we look around hard enough, we will find that there are more areas in the house that we can make use of, and just adding an extra shelf, some baskets or closet organizers will do the trick to de-clutter our once disorganized apartment to make it appear more inviting and spacious.

While there are books, magazines, Internet-based articles, contractors and other help that we can get to aid us in our renovation projects, apartment remodeling in New York City is still a big task to take. If the idea of a total remodeling project is too overwhelming and even too much for our set budget, there is no reason for us to jump into something that big at a given time. We should take it little by little. It might even be best for us to try the renovation out in one room of our apartment first and see how well the project will go and, more importantly, how well we can handle it.

Take the bathroom, for instance. The great thing about apartment remodeling in big cities is that we can find a lot of resources and help. If we wish to start our project in the bathroom, there is always a New York bathroom contractor that we can contact for help and do the work. Today’s innovations show us that we can transform the once neglected bathroom into a room that we would want to pamper ourselves in. Aside from the regular essentials such as toilets, showers and/or bathtubs and sinks, there is a wide stretch of selections for various bathroom accessories. These accessories are not even just for display. They are made available for us to make us of to help us make our lives a little easier and convenient. We can install a bidet, a shower bench and a towel warmer. Would not those things make us feel more comfortable in the bathroom? Simple projects like bathroom remodeling in our apartment in New York City can really make wonders.

We can also make changes as little as lighting and color. Getting our apartment some new lamps, wall sconces and ceiling fixtures can make magic. Proper lighting is one of the tricks that make a home, whether it is a huge mansion or a modest apartment, cozy and comfortable. Proper lighting combined with the right color of the things we fill our apartment with makes for a nice and neat living space. For the average-sized New York City apartment, neutral colors for walls are highly recommended as it helps open up the space. We can feel free to be creative and experiment all we want. That also gives us the chance to express our tastes. There are so many ways in which we can express our creativity when it comes to adding color into our homes. There are pillow cushions, drapes, linens, artworks and more!

All in the, the only way a renovation project is successful is if we like the result of our hard work. We have to remember that when it comes to apartment remodeling in New York City, color, versatility and organization are simple factors that can make a world of changes in our living space.