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Your Home’s New Look: Is Refinishing the Right Option for You?

Maybe your home looks tired. Or perhaps it doesn’t, but you desire a new look regardless – new colors, new finishes, and cabinets, counters, and bathtubs that gleam like they’re brand-new. Maybe you want to give your home a face lift, and you think that the kitchen’s chipped, stained, and worn appearance needs to go, but perhaps you can’t afford to pay for an entire new room.

Why Should You Choose a Refinishing over a Remodeling?

Remodeling has downsides. By allowing contractors to tear out and demolish your entire kitchen (or other room), you will be losing access to that part of your house for weeks or even months! Do you really want to live with the dust, noise, and intrusion from contractors’ work? And do you want to live unable to use your kitchen or bathroom for that long?

If you don’t, or if the steep price tag on a kitchen or bathroom remodel makes it out of the question, consider having your home refinished instead. As long as your furnishings and bathroom appliances are sound, refinishing can be the right choice for everyone. Plus, refinishing can give all sorts of vibrant new looks to your old counters, cabinets, bathtubs, etcetera, whist smoothing out many years of dents, dings, rust, discoloration, and any other surface damage that makes your home look anything less than perfect!

Price Differences: A New Look for Less Cash!

Even if you have your heart set on a remodel of your living space, the price tag may interfere, as remodeling doesn’t come cheap. The average price of a kitchen remodel in America today is anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 – and that’s without counting the cost of the appliances! With them included, there are some estimates ranging as high as $40,000! With refinishing, you’ll be working with what you already have, giving your kitchen or bathroom a makeover without needing to replace everything inside it. Because of that, the price tag is much, much smaller, and you’ll get the new look you want so much without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a messy, inconvenient, long-term remodel.

How Refinishing and Resurfacing Work – What You’re Getting!

Refinishing can provide you with many of the benefits of remodeling at a much lower cost. By providing you with new wood stain (in a variety of colors, so if you’re totally in love with dark wood, you don’t need go to out and buy new cabinets) and durable finishes, and by sanding out flaws, you can get a modern, cleaner, newer look. Resurfacing – replacing old veneers with new ones, including new hardware – is also an option, and one that can create more dramatic changes. As for bathrooms, your refinished bathtub will be overlaid with a specially made cover that will be safer, more hygienic, and much better looking!

Refinishing: cheaper and more convenient than a remodel, and since it uses what you already have, it’s greener, too! Give your kitchen or bathroom the new look you and your home deserve.

Acquiring a Zebra Rug For Rare Elegance and Functionality

Universally, any house becomes a sophisticated, cozy home because of its furnishings. However, there are times when even if a well-furnished home is already attained, the homeowner still feels unfulfilled. This may eventually lead to a total or partial house remodeling, or a change of accessories later. Any of these two moves means spending a lot of money which many people do not mind as long as they will have a better looking elegant home.

A home need not have any major change for it to have an overall stylish appearance. To this, acquisition of a Zebra Rug will help a lot. Its contrast of black and white stripes produces a totally striking, eye-catching effect. And since both colors are neutral, a rug will truly blend well with the rest of the furnishings. Therefore, having one will definitely be worth it since the whole area is sure to brighten up in a very unique way.

A genuine zebra rug is really a wonderful addition to any house, even to one which does not have a ‘Exotic’ theme. Any plain looking living room will instantly liven up with this rug. The overall quality of one is classified into: the Trophy Grade, the A Grade, the B Grade, and the C Grade. Firstly, the Trophy Grade class quality is excellent. It has only a few unnoticeable blemishes, or none at all.

Secondly, the A Grade is slightly closer to the trophy Grade, except that the few blemishes here are noticeable if closely inspected. It does not carry any sign of repair. This is the most bought category. Thirdly, the B Grade has more noticeable blemishes, and costs less than the previous two classes. Lastly, the C Grade has many visible blemishes, as well as repair marks. At certain times, its size is smaller than any of the mentioned classes. This is the cheapest among these four which are all of high quality, though at different levels.

For those who want an extremely rare way of beautifying their individual homes without the high tag price, there are also faux zebra area rugs. These may not last as long as the genuine ones, but they serve the same function of giving an atmosphere of unique elegance to the area of the floors they are spread on. Indeed, a Zebra Rug is absolutely worth having.

What You Can Achieve With Home Renovation Services

The famous American lecturer, poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A man builds a fine house; and now he has a master, and a task for life: he is to furnish, watch, show it, and keep it in repair, the rest of his life.” Your home is among your lifetime possessions, and it is important that you refurbish it from time to time to keep its beauty and structure intact. Home renovation services offer various types of improvements for a variety of budgets.

Home Renovation Services: What You can Achieve?

The changing trends in construction are not about waiting for an occasion to give a new look to your abode. So, depending upon your choice and requirements, you can get your house renovated whenever you wish to. Home renovation can be done to achieve the following:

Additional Space: If scarcity of space restrains even a small gathering at your place, it is best to seek renovation. Additional space may also be required in case of family expansion. You can either extend a room or build a new room. Other options include:

1. Transforming trivial areas into livable spaces i.e. you can change your basement to a recreational room, attic, office, home theatre or even spare bedrooms.
2. You can also add extra levels, such as one or two more stories to the original roof.

Beautification and Adding Features: Home renovation services include beautification or making changes in particular areas. These include:

1. Complete remodeling of kitchen or bathrooms
2. Addition of new flooring such as tiles, carpets, linoleum, or wood
3. Installing wood paneling, painting of walls or wallpapering
4. Upgrading fixtures and cabinets
5. Replacing doors and windows

Maintenance and Repair: From repairing broken walls to leaking roofs, maintenance and repair help keep your house in a good condition. Some common maintenance practices are:

1. Repairing the electrical and plumbing system
2. Concrete and masonry maintenance for chimney and the foundation
3. Roof tear off and substitution