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From A House To A Home To A Palace

In our busy world, owning a home is often harder than signing a mortgage and moving in a few boxes. A true home reflects the lifestyle and personality of the owner. It is hard to find the tasteful furnishing and accents necessary to create a beautiful home while working long days and juggling our many other priorities.

Many fail to realize, however, the wonderful resource a comfortable home can be. A home has terrific restorative properties, and if properly decorated and maintained it can rejuvenate the senses at the end of another long day. Creating a home ideally suited to your own tastes and comforts is simpler than you might imagine.

The Basics

The basics of a home have little to do with the manner or size of a house. A home can be immense or a very small space. It is the details and style the home contains that make it special. In short, home is not only where the heart is -it is comprised of what the heart desires.

Essential Style

To find the perfect decorating scheme for your home, you must first identify what makes you feel most comfortable. Are you relaxed surrounded by the finer things in life or when everything just feels broken in and cozy? Does clutter make you grit your teeth or do you prefer to be surrounded by everything that has meaning in your life?

Once you establish an overall feel, it is time to select colors and style. Warm colors like yellows, oranges and reds are warm and inviting. Blues are crisp and cool, and green tones are soothing. Choose your color scheme based on what appeals to you in pictures and in the store. Your home is your haven – not necessarily a showpiece.

Of course with the right collection of wide plank floors and color selections warming your home and the coconut shell inlaid countertops you selected in the kitchen, it is very possible that your home will be as inviting to others as it is to you. Any home that holds as much meaning as yours will be warm and meaningful to anyone who visits. And those visitors will most likely enjoy admiring the tasteful choices you’ve made.


When it comes time to select furnishing, the options are almost endless. Casual, traditional and minimalist styles all compete for space on the show floors. Perhaps you find what suits you in stores, or it may be that only custom furniture will do. Invest in furniture wisely as it is the backbone of the room and will offer the most support and comfort at the end of the day.

When you go to select the most important furnishing in your home, those for your bedroom, you may realize the store offerings are limiting. Custom furniture from around the globe is hand carved and can offer more meaning and depth than a simple headboard. Get fully rejuvenated each night in a bed that was designed especially for you.


Finally, the color is on the walls and the furnishings are in. In many houses this is as much decorating as the owners will do. The accessories and finishing touches are overlooked as fussy or too much of a bother. Unfortunately it is the small touches that truly make a house a home. Find accessories that speak to you.

If you prefer a lot of accessories and pillows, indulge yourself. If you prefer streamlined rooms, select a few meaningful accents for each room. Don’t limit yourself to the shopping mall or home stores. Many of the best accessories are found in unlikely places or from countries you might not have thought of. Find shops and websites specializing in custom or eclectic designs to find the best pieces for your home. Then sit back, relax and enjoy your perfect home.

Home Remodeling Painting Tips

When homeowners think about giving a room a new coat of paint to liven it up or give it a whole new look they tend to concentrate solely on the walls, forgetting that the space above their heads – the ceiling – should be given equal attention if the space is really going to end up looking its best. In fact changing the color and/or texture of a ceiling can by itself change the entire look and feel of the room as a whole.

Ceiling Colors and Finishes

Ceilings do not have to be white. In fact white is quite a poor ceiling color choice as it will attract dirt and dust easily. How many of us really bother to climb up to wash our ceilings when giving the walls a once over as part of a spring clean?

Darker ceilings can add a sense of warmth to large room, especially if it is furnished sparsely and smaller rooms can be opened up with a few coats of a light, pastel colored ceiling paint.

The type of paint you choose for a ceiling can be as important as the color you opt to use. If you are planning to have your ceiling painted a darker color opt for a gloss or eggshell finish to impart a reflective light. On the other hand if you have a ceiling that is textured in some way – especially for acoustic or popcorn ceilings – a matte finish paint allows the texture to shine through as it should.

Painting a Ceiling

Even if they are happy to tackle painting a few walls themselves many homeowners are sensible enough to leave painting the ceiling to a professional, since it really is a messy, tricky and potentially rather dangerous job. If you are hoping to add texture to your ceiling as well hiring a professional painter is the best way to ensure that you get the look you want.