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Keep Home Improvements Practical and Personal For the Best Results

Remodeling can be daunting tasks without the right tools and information. Questions abound and we may find ourselves losing sleep deciding over what color tile to use in the shower or which soapstone counter would best fit into our design scheme. Before you lose too many Z’s, take time to evaluate your needs and rely on the two P’s of home improvement – Practicality and Personality.

Keep it Practical
We would all love to have a limitless budget that would surrender to all our home furnishing wants, but for most of us this is not the reality. Instead we must pick and choose and in doing so apply a sense of practicality to our planning. I find that two of the best questions to ask when planning a home renovation are the following:

What can I expect in terms of traffic, wear and tear?
Addressing the issue of traffic, wear, and tear can save you money and grief in the long run. Those of you with children, pets, or just messy houseguests or partners, know how hard it can be to keep things looking fresh and clean. If you’re living room is often victim of spills or pet stains, combat stains with deeper color rugs. Have a fur problem? Choose furniture that blends with the occasional evidence of Fluffy’s coat. The same is true for your kitchen. If you find yourself with stains constantly seeking refuge from your formica and consider choosing something darker, easier to clean and repair such as a versatile and consistently unique soapstone countertop.

How long do I plan on living here?
For those of you who are settled and happy with your current home, your personal preference may not interfere with your practicality. However, for those of you who plan to sell your home within the next few years, practicality should have a direct and almost dominate interplay with your personal tastes. You may find that bright yellow countertop to be the “bees knees,” but potential home buyers may not be able to get past it. If this is the case, choose something that fits your personality but is neutral enough to catch any eye. That same soapstone counter that could stand tall against wear can also be a safe bet for prospective buyers. Use your best judgment.

Keep it Personal
Paging through magazines, pursuing the local hardware store, and spending hours with color swatches can give you some great ideas but at the end of the day, the overall appearance of your home is something that should be unique to you. Being practical can help alleviate some of the stress that often accompanies overwhelming options, but once you’ve decided what you need, it’s time to decide what you want. The question then becomes:

How can I make this house my home?
Many times we see picture perfect replicas of kitchens no one uses, living rooms that aren’t lived in, and bedrooms that have never shared a Z. These “show rooms” are great ways to get your creative juices flowing but the ultimate outcome should be something you’re comfortable with. If you love the rustic yet romantic bathroom featured in your home magazine but aren’t a fan of cold tile floors do a little research and find out about your other options.

You may be able to get the same aesthetic feel by swapping out the ceramic tile for something more conducive to warmth like the soapstone flooring that has become so popular. Likewise, you may find that that cozy dining room motif you saw online would be great but not feasible for your entertaining needs. Let your eyes to the searching but let your heart decide how everything comes to fruition.

All in all, keep your heart and your mind in your home improvement projects. This should be something you enjoy doing, not something that causes you to lose sleep over! Take your time, analyze your options, and in the end you’ll love your new living space.

Offer Your Home a Touch of Perfection With French Country Furniture

Styling a home is not at all an easy task to execute. It includes various elements like colors of the wall, displays of art and furniture etc. But furniture is normally the most difficult decisions to make because they are the costliest. People usually don’t match the furnishing items according to their space. It will rather be a good idea to accent your home with the items that are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing as well. In these times, it is quite easy to remodel your home into a new one with the ease of internet.

Similarly when it comes to furniture, you can search for numerous online sites that offer furniture items. Not only this, many of the online stores may provide you some good home furnishing tips as well. No doubt that the online platform has brought a big change to people’s lifestyle. Even if you are apprehensive for your furniture selection, you can explore the variety available over a simple click of mouse. The most commonly used furniture items of today are French country, country chic and distressed furniture etc. People are inclined towards such furniture styles lately.

From all the options available- the French country furniture is more often considered as style du jour- the one that never goes out of style. It is classy, elegant and highly functional at the same time. This sort of furniture tends to set your home interiors apart from the run-of-the-mill interiors. It is available in muted tones that make them a perfect addition for almost every color scheme. In-fact, the rule for this style of furniture is “Don’t try matching colors”. The main features of this furniture style that make them a worthy purchase are:

1) Offer Right Touch To Any Décor: This furniture is renowned due to its unique characteristic of being able to transform a drab décor with the touch of color and value. Looking from the other perspective, a selected piece of furniture can subdue the overtones of the overly glitzy appearance. French country furniture can make a wonderful addition to your home even if you are not sure of what blends in nicely with your current décor.

2) Simple Styles Speaks Louder: The pieces of such furniture collection features quite simple design but are high on grace and elegance. You will never find the furniture of French country category with ornate carvings or any kind of intricate details and embellishments. But this does not mean that they are not crafted with precision and excellence. The simple designs also need similar care and attention so as to provide perfect touch of sophistication and making a great match to the existing décor.

3) Hand-Made to Perfection: The most interesting fact about the French country furniture is that these authentic pieces are hand crafted and never made with machine. This is what brings the special feel to the piece of this collection. Every piece is truly unique having different finishing touch. This sort of furniture can change your home into a welcoming, cozy and warm place.

Give your home a perfectly blended aura that will make your feel at utmost comfort and ease.

5 Easy Tips to Transform Your Home in a Day

Colder weather is approaching and it is during this time that we often begin to closely examine how our home looks, and think about what we would like to change. For some that will mean a major remodel, but for the most it means smaller, aesthetic changes; things that can be done pretty quickly, at a relatively low cost.

S Interior Design would like to offer 5 easy tips to transform your home quickly.

o Paint
Add color to the walls and instantly change the look and feel of a room. You can paint an entire room, or choose an accent wall to highlight a focal point in a room. For inspiration, pick color from a favorite piece of artwork, or an area rug that you love. If you are having trouble deciding on what color to paint, get a pint of the various colors and put up samples in the room. We recommend a paint sample be at least 36″ x 36″ to appreciate how it will look covering an entire wall.

o Add Angles
What we mean by that is, rearrange your existing furniture so it isn’t against the walls. Experiment with angles and avoid the urge to set the furniture up at 90° angles. Furniture sliders, which make moving the heavy items easier, can be purchased at home improvement stores for about $5.00.
One way to get started is to determine the rooms’ focal point. Often it is a fireplace, sometimes an architecturally interesting piece of furniture. You will want to arrange your furniture to dramatize your focal point. Don’t have a focal point? Use this as an opportunity to create one!

o Take Inventory
Go shopping in your own home; you may be surprised at what you find.
We become accustomed to seeing certain pieces of furniture, artwork and accessories in specific rooms of our home. By simply placing your existing items in new spaces and places you can have a ‘new’ room. For example, the nightstand from your seldom used guest room might very well be a perfect new side table in your family room. Mix it up, you have nothing to loose. A space is always more interesting when there is a mix of styles and furniture.

o Add A Rug
Many homes in the Valley have wide open rooms that flow into one another and a strategically placed area rug can define a space. Area rugs also add color and texture to a room that is otherwise neutral in tone. Additionally, the acoustics in a room that has hard flooring material can be softened by adding a rug. Make sure to layout your furnishings (either physically or on paper) if you are going rug shopping. This way, you will know what size rug will work best. When you shop for an area rug, always bring home some options. The rug will look very different in your room than it will in a store. Vendors recognize this, and allow customers to take out samples ‘on approval’.

o Accessorize
Often what are missing from a room are the smaller items that give it unique personality…the accessories. Accessories can be new items, things that already exist in your house that hold fond memories, or better yet, a combination of new and existing items. The definition of an ‘accessory’ is broad. It is everything from vases and candlestick holders to mirrors and plants.

Some accessorizing rules of thumb are:

- Group things in odd numbers (3, 5)
- Vary the shapes and sizes of similar items for a more interesting look. For example, arrange three candlesticks of varying heights and widths in the same silver finish.
- Pay attention to scale and overall size of an item. A common mistake is using items that are either too small or too large for the space they are going in….a 12″ vase will not look correct in a 5′-0″ tall wall niche.

Our final ‘tip’ is not to get concerned about what you see in magazines, or on TV, or what the in color or design style is; this is YOUR home and you want it to reflect your unique personality and the way you and your family live in it.