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Finding The Best Wood Windows For Your Home

You love fine home furnishings and windows that accent your home’s interior with genuine wood, but you also have a practical side that longs for low exterior maintenance so that you can protect your house from the elements without sacrificing interior beauty. To meet these criteria, today’s manufacturers are producing versions with durable vinyl exteriors. These are sometimes referred to as clad windows. Whichever name they go by, they provide exceptional value and durability that lasts for years. While these may be slightly pricier than all vinyl options, they offer something no other brand or style can give you – the true luxury of fine grain wood interior frames for that timeless style that will last for decades. But how do you find the right kind? It’s easy when you keep a few things in mind.

Industry Experience

Not all manufacturers are backed by companies that have been around very long. You may be able to get a lower price from a small company that’s just started out, but they could be here today and gone tomorrow, potentially leaving you with unsolved problems down the road. Just as with any home remodeling purchase, your best bet is to stick with an industry leader. Your local window replacement service should be able to help you choose the right brand for your needs. Generally, any company that has been around for twenty five years or more will back their product with an excellent warranty and be favored by home remodeling businesses that have experienced their quality first hand.

Look At The Construction Of Wood Windows

The most versatile windows are manufactured to strict standards by established companies, but they also feature details that give you solid protection and not just beautiful aesthetics. A rigid, vinyl frame cover on the exterior is the best way to protect the outside frame from damage. It will also provide you with years of maintenance-free exterior beauty. If a window company suggests aluminum clad wood, think carefully about the climate you’re in. If you have a lot of temperature fluctuation between seasons, aluminum won’t insulate your home as well as a vinyl clad window replacement.

A Variety Of Styles And Options

An established window replacement company will carry a complete line-up of decorative solutions, including unusual shapes and styles that can be tailored to your home’s decorative needs. If you talk to a window company that says, “we can’t do that,” keep looking. Superior wood options should be available in gliding, casement, picture, awning and double-hung styles as well as custom solutions such as quarter, tilt wash and elliptical options.

Other important details that indicate top quality include having the right type of hardware for ease of use. An easy-to-use crank handle on casing and awning styles makes for easier operation when your window is in an obstructed area such as over the kitchen sink. Not every window company offers a variety of opening mechanisms tailored to your needs, but some take the time to do so.

By keeping experience, construction and variety in mind, you can choose the best wood-accented windows available for your home. If you still aren’t sure which brand is best, talk to a window replacement or home improvement store in your area for additional guidance.

Home Improvement – Don’t Forget the Landscaping

WHEN you buy a new house or decide to improve your old one, you are, of course, concerned with every foot of ground that goes with it, for modern living and modern gardening can make every inch of your property usable and desirable.

New methods of soil improvement, grading, fencing and terracing make even sloping, hilly lots, hitherto undesirable, now attractive and choice. Modern chemistry has brought new nutrients to the soil and has provided weapons against the traditional enemies of the garden: disease and insects. Hardier bulbs and seeds make gardens more successful as well as wonderfully vivid. Fabulous hybrids have lengthened the list of flowering trees and shrubs, creating specimens for every color and design scheme, every type of house and garden.

New gardening equipment and materials speed the time-consuming garden tasks. New ways of living bring us into the outdoors, and barbecue meals and comfortable lawn furnishings make a small suburban back yard as luxuriously enjoyable as was previously possible only on a large estate.

Architecturally, today’s house is much more a part of the outdoors than was yesterday’s. Large picture windows, glass walls, glassed-in sun-porches and terraces all combine to make the garden a part of the house. Consequently, the view becomes that much more important.

A beautiful garden, a luxuriant turf and healthy blossoming trees all add as much to the interior of your home as your draperies or wallpaper. The effort and time you spend on your lawns and gardens will repay you in every way, indoors as well as out.

When you plan your grounds you will be governed by many of the principles you employ in decorating your home. Proportion, texture, color, line, harmony, function – these are terms that apply to landscaping as well as decorating. And if you have large grounds you will benefit from careful planning just as much as does the owner of a quarter of an acre.

Garden books are filled with formal plans for perfect gardens and grounds, but you will want to consider not the perfect garden in itself, but the one plan that will be perfect for your particular family. Analyze your family, its needs and habits; then design your grounds to best satisfy its prejudices, desires and demands.

The thing to do is hold a family council and talk over what you want to do. Of course, you will be governed by questions of cost and available space. Draw a plan of your property in fairly large scale, about 1/4 inch to the foot.

Now make a list of the things the family wants, such as a barbecue, tool house, drying yard, rock garden, fences, playhouse, badminton court, better lounging facilities.

Unless you are fortunate and have spacious grounds, you probably won’t be able to work everything into your program – but with planning, you can do things gradually. You can plan your garden so that it never looks bare and yet is always roomy enough for the additions you intend to make in the future. And some projects will serve more than one function.

For example, if you need a driveway and have young children, a blacktop that can be used for hopscotch and bicycle riding will serve a double purpose, and easily justify its cost. Or a fence that cuts off an unpleasant view can also act as a windbreak and a handsome background for a lounging area.

A retaining wall can double as a rock garden when planted with hardy dwarf shrubs and other rock-garden species.

Landscaping, if properly planned and properly executed will add to the comfort, improve the appearance and increase the value of your home.

Alter Your Home – Energy Consumption and Energy-Efficiency

An environmentally-sound home is one that makes less of an impact on the environment. This example of home can include adding things like energy-efficient appliances or low-e windows to make your home more efficient or maybe even adding more substantial items like solar power or a water recycling system. If you are making these modifications now, the neat thing is that many of the products cost less now than in the past. If your home is in the process of being built, you can elect to have the home constructed to take maximum advantage of the natural illumination of the home. Making a home more efficient or purchasing an eco-friendly home will not only save you costs on things like utility bills, but is also the environmentally responsible decision to make.

Solar derived energy is a relatively new idea. Nonetheless, as a contemporary homeowner you can take advantage of the technology that is presented and get the energy that you need for your home. The way that solar energy is employed is that solar panels are situated in a place where they can get plenty of sunlight. These large panels are constructed of glass and have tubes with water coursing through them. As the sun heats the water in the tubes, it is transformed into energy that you can use for your home. An added benefit is that the hot water can then be used instead of a hot water heater. Most homeowners place the panels up on the portion of the roof that gets the greatest amount of sunlight. That means that shade from plant life needs to be minimized anywhere the panels are installed. Each system is different, but it is possible to derived energy an entire home using solar panels.

Water is a limited resource, so everyone needs to do their part to use less water. One method of making your water usage more eco-friendly is to have reservoir tanks where you can collect water and then send it through a filtration system where it can then furnish the water needs of your home. This water recycling method is a great method to take care of your yard’s water needs.

Recycling water can conserve about eighty percent of the overall water used in many homes. Another easy way to cut back on the quantity of water that you are using is to put in a low-flow showerhead. A low-flow showerhead is not complicated to install and will save hundreds of gallons of water yearly. Also, if you have antiquated toilets, upgrading to a newer toilet can also cut back on your water usage for the future. When you start to think about the many ways that you can save water, you can perhaps come up with even more.

Eco-friendly homes are the trend of the future. Discovering ways to cut down on each household’s use of electricity and water is important for all of us. You can make modifications to make your home more earth-friendly that will really make an impact. Recycling, utilizing solar power and monitoring your water use are all great ways to start making your home a green home.