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Budget Tips for Updating Textures in Home Decor

When it is time to update our home decor we often pay close attention to Colors, Patterns and Furnishings. The often under-appreciated element of home decor is Texture. We pay most attention to texture in the fixtures of our kitchens and baths. Every so often a home will be in need of new hardware such as faucets, handles, hinges, etc… simply because the texture is no longer in style. Appliances and light fixtures should also be considered when you remodel. Consider textures throughout your home, some of those textures may be in need of an update. The following is a case in point.

When southwestern decor was all the rage, we redecorated and remodeled in the colors, patterns and textures of that trend. Part of the trend, at that time, was to use a lot of polished brass fixtures and furnishings. As we began to update our home decor it became glaringly obvious that we had used a lot of polished brass throughout our home. From faucets to face plates, we did not even remember using so much polished brass in our design scheme, but there it was. It also became quite clear that replacing all of these dated textures was going to cost a small fortune. Have you priced faucets lately? My first thought was that maybe we could somehow integrate the polished brass into our new decor. It was soon evident that this was not an option, this texture simply had to go. When the prospect of spending thousands of dollars crosses my path, my mind tends to get more creative. You know the old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention”. I began to think in terms of bargain, and soon I had developed a plan.

There are so many alternative textures on the market today, and many of these alternatives can save you big bucks when it comes to re-facing an outdated texture. There are a lot of textures on the market that are considered faux textures and many of these simply spray out of a can. There are spray products that can even mimic the look and feel of stone on any surface you desire. As of this writing, the look of brushed metals are currently the trend. Certain paints can mimic the look and feel of brushed metals for a lot less than the real deal. If you would desire even more realism, you can buy products that you can use to re-face a piece of furniture or an appliance. For example: If you have an outdated set of almond or white colored kitchen appliances, consider using thin sheet metals that can be glued or screwed onto the appliances, to give them the look of brushed metal. If you do a little research, you can find a faux texture for just about any need. There are poly vinyl materials that look just like leather. The same wall-joint compound I had used to give my walls a course texture, I also used to make them smooth again. We also had some clear glass table lamps that no longer worked with our decor. A four dollar can of textured paint gave them a metallic look that did work. We have even made use of metallic contact paper, which comes in holographic and brushed metal designs. The list is as long as your imagination. With a little imagination and investigation you can achieve the desired look for a fraction of the cost of replacement. As for my polished brass dilemma, I plan to resurface as much as possible until it comes back into vogue. Then, with a little elbow grease and polish, I can resurrect them to their previous splendor.

By the way if you are in the midst of a home design project and you find you need a little splash of color, or a spark of pattern on your floor, consider having a look at our area rugs. Area rugs are not known for updating textures, but they are a perfect color and pattern tool for many home decor projects.

Home Interior Decorating For Beginners

When you first get started on home interior decorating, it is a good idea to have at least some notion of the kind of color scheme you might like. That is not to say that you can’t change your mind while you are working out a plan. It is much better to change at this stage than when you already have the paint on the walls.

Good, well thought out interior decorating can add balance to a room and bring out its best features. Interior decorating should form the background for the way you choose to live in your home. If you’ve got a lot of books then it stands to reason that you will want plenty of good shelving. Plain wood shelves look best for this but if you already have some and they are beginning to look past their prime then play safe and paint them white. Think about the lighting in a room because this can enhance or detract from its overall design.

If you are not sure what color to use then play it safe and go for a neutral cream or magnolia – you can brighten it up with your soft furnishings and well placed lamps and ornaments. Many homes are a hodge-podge of furniture and decorating styles. If you replace furniture try to bear in mind the particular effects or style that you are trying to achieve. A well-chosen and well-placed piece can totally alter the look of a room.

Home interior decorating covers many aspects of the tasks. A lot depends on how much time you have to spare and what your budget is – whether you just want to spruce up a room or give it a whole new look. It is surprising for instance what new bath mats and towels do for a bathroom. Try sprucing up your room with some new cushions and perhaps a mirror or two. Move the furniture around and add feature wall paper on one wall – make sure that it tones in with the existing color scheme and you’ll be surprised how much style this can give to a room.

Perhaps the kitchen is your bete noir? If it is you can do a lot with some new blinds and lampshades. Try some potted plants on the window ledge this can brighten most kitchens. If the paint-work really is past its prime then you need to decide whether you need a whole new paint job or whether you can get away with touching up the doors and base boards. If your bedroom needs a face-lift then try some new bed covers and toning curtains. Add a few cushions to your bed and you immediately have a more luxurious look.