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The High Cost of Doing the Perfect Basement Remodel

Turning your basement into a showplace that you can use for entertaining will most likely be a big job, especially if there have never been any previous renovations done in your basement. There are many precautions you want to take prior to starting any basement remodel, and if you want to use high-end flooring, furnishings, and accessories like you have on the upper floors of your home, you have to expect to pay a good price for them. The good news is that with enough time, effort, and money, you can turn your old basement into extra floor space that’s even nicer than what you have in the rest of your home.

To start with, you need to take a good look at your existing basement. What kind of shape is it in? Are there cracks in the foundation, water seepage, uneven floors or walls? All of these structural issues will need to be addressed before you can start adding sheetrock and carpeting or finishing the space in any other way. You also need to look at plumbing, wiring, and duct work to see if any of it needs to be altered before you can go ahead with your project. If you can do some of the work yourself, you’ll be able to keep costs lower. If not, you will need to pay a contractor to take care of any problems you have.

Sometimes the hardest part, however, is picturing how you want the new space laid out. You will probably want to reserve space for a full bathroom and possibly extra sleeping space for guests or a teen’s room. Do you want a wet bar? If so, you need to plan a layout that will include one in an easily-accessible spot. Of course, every addition you make is going to make your basement remodel cost more, but if the perfect end result is what you’re after, then you want to make sure and include everything you will need. It will be easier to add things now than having to remodel around them again later.

Maybe you’ve seen pictures online that show just how gorgeous your basement space can be. It’s difficult to tell from many of the photos that these rooms are actually in basements, because they look just like the rooms upstairs. This perfection is all in the planning as well as the amount you’re willing to pay for the perfect basement remodel.

Enjoy the Beauty and Durability of a Soapstone Fireplace Or a Soapstone Counter

Soapstone is a versatile rock that has many uses around the home. If you are building a new home or remodeling your current one, you might consider the addition of soapstone to your home decor. A new soapstone fireplace or soapstone counter offers many advantages that homeowners are looking for in top-quality home furnishings and finishes.

Soapstone is a wonderful material for use in fireplace and stove construction. Because it is a relatively soft mineral, it can be carved into unique, customized shapes and designs, making it a popular choice with interior designers. Soapstone has the distinctive ability to retain, absorb and conduct heat well, and this has several advantages for use in fireplaces and stoves. Fuels of many kinds burn very cleanly and efficiently in a soapstone fireplace. After the fuels burn, the fireplace or stove will absorb the heat easily and conduct it effortlessly, thus keeping your rooms warm long after the fuel has been exhausted. Although an entire stove can be constructed from soapstone, thin sheets of the mineral can also be used to line your fireplace, thus giving the same benefits that come from a stove application.

The rock can also be used for making countertops. A soapstone counter is a lovely addition to any bathroom or kitchen. Many people use this stone because of its durable nature. It comes in many attractive shades, ranging from light to dark natural stone colors. The stone also features distinctive veining, making for a unique look in whatever application it is applied. Dark colors of the stone do not show stains, and this is one reason why it can be used to great effect in high-use areas of the home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. This tough stone surface lasts for the long term when used as a soapstone counter.

You can also match your soapstone counter to other room features. Sinks and tiles can be made from soapstone, for example, and they add to the continuity of design in any room. Sinks can be carved from solid blocks of stone, or they can be made from thin slices of stone that are professionally adhered together, forming a sink basin. Tiles from soapstone can be used in many lovely ways, including intricate mosaics that can be featured as the backsplash behind your stove top or on the fronts of stair risers, adding complementary color and style to your home.

Looking For Your First Home?

Are you a first time home buyer?

Is there anything more exciting or nerve wracking than purchasing your first home? Making the decision to get a home can put you on a fast paced roller coaster – a roller coaster full of ups, downs, loopty loops and everything in between. I myself am on that roller coaster and I’m here to tell you, if you don’t have yourself prepared and strapped in you may be in for a world of trouble. Buying a home is not something you do on a whim but rather an experience you study, save, and a lot of times sweat for.

With that said, you may be wondering if you are up for the enormous task of owning your first home. Here are a few questions that should help you sort this out:

  1. Why is buying a house important to you?
  2. How steady is your employment history?
  3. How well do you handle your finances?
  4. Do you have a lot of debt?
  5. How is your credit?
  6. Do you have the patience to undergo the home buying process?

The above list is not all inclusive but rather a few points for you to think about.

I myself am in the same situation the average person is in. I am tired of being a renter, I handle my finances pretty well (though I’m not perfect….yet!), I don’t have loads of debt, and ultimately I desire a place my daughter and I can call “home”. I will be honest and admit that number 6 on the list is a bit hard for me. I am sure that my agent just can’t wait to help me land my first home so that I can get out of her hair. When I tell you that buying a home can be a lengthy process, believe me because I know!!

The reason I created this site is because I want to help others get the home they deserve. As I mentioned earlier I am right in the middle of purchasing my first place so all the tools and tips I’ve picked up along the way can hopefully help someone else down the line. As we explore home ownership together we will address key points such as credit, property tips, home loans, agents, tax breaks and even remodeling/furnishing.