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Basement Remodeling – Part Three

Ceiling height is one of the next concerns that you need to think about when it comes to remodeling your basement. Most ceilings will have a clearance of around 8 to 9 feet. You’ll want to check your local building codes to make sure that you have the minimum required ceiling height before going any further with your remodeling project.

The quickest way to check the ceiling height is to measure the distance between the floor and the bottom of the sealing joints to determine if there is enough room for creating a new living area.

If you discover that you do not have the room that you want or need – your plans may call for modifications to the existing floors and/or ceiling, such as installing a new insulated floor or a soundproof sealing system area. If so, you’ll need to allow for these thicknesses when you make your measurements.

Most building codes also dictate that rooms that are being de-signed as living areas (as opposed to bathrooms or launder rooms) must have at least 70 square feet. This includes no less than 84 inches of horizontal space I any direction. By this standard, a wall less than 7 feet long, would not meet the necessary code requirements.

While it may be easy to find 70 square feet of usable space in your basement, the practicality of the space will usually be determined by the kinds of size of the furnishings you need to include. You might have to go with smaller couches, like a love seat in order to conserve space.

Home Remodeling and Home Improvements – Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Are you looking for some home improvement, or possibly to remodel your home? Are you unsure where to start. Is the mere thought of the cost making you nervous? There are so many ways that you can make changes to your home that will not be too expensive. Maybe you could do one or two rooms now and then in another couple of years, make some more changes.

But even if you don’t yet have the money to remodel your home, you can definitely dream about it and you should start designing it.

There are many websites that offer you the capability of building your dream home online. Using these websites, you can go through the different rooms and select all the different designs and furnishings, as well as windows and lamp-shades for every part of the house.

Some of the available things you can do in a house.

New construction and room additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, roofing and gutters, adding a swimming pool, painting, flooring, windows, and much much more.

For example, you decide to build a virtual kitchen plan online. You begin with the layout of the room, do you want a separate kitchen and dinette, or are you looking for an ‘Eat-In’ kitchen?

You then choose the layout of the room, where to place the counters, cabinets, appliances and sinks. Whether or not to include an island in your kitchen, and placement of mechanicals (such as electricity, gas, and plumbing.)

Once you have selected the general floor plan, it is time to start choosing from seemingly endless options of floors, paint colors, and moldings. Next you begin to add the counters and cabinets. Will it be pressed wood or hardwood, will the counters be Formica or granite, Will the back-splash be part of your counter tops, or will it be tiled?

Then you add the appliances. The fixed appliances, such as refrigerator, oven, stove top, microwave oven, and dishwashers. As well as counter top appliances, such as food processors, bread machines, mixers, and blenders.

Once your kitchen looks complete, it still is not! There are still so many accessories to choose from, and add. Hardware, such as drawer pulls or knobs. Task-lighting for the counter tops. You can also install Child-Safe cabinet, drawer, and appliance locks.

Storage compartments can also be added into each cabinet, and drawer. There are specialized drawers for utensils, and for pots. There are roll out drawers made specially for cabinets to maximize space as well as keeping things organized.

There are endless, endless possibilities for customizing your kitchen (as well as the rest of your home), to suit your own personal taste and budget.

It can be really exciting to plan and will definitely make you want to remodel your home that much sooner.

So if you are ready for some home remodeling, go online and shop around. Read reviews and get the best deal. You can even get a great payment plan so that you can spread the cost over a certain amount of time.

Home Improvement – Kitchen and Bath

Bath and kitchen repair are two of the most essential upgrades you can focus on in augmenting the appearance of your homes. Kitchen and bath are the 2 hardest working rooms in the house and transforming them into something that pleases you is all about hunting for individual elements that makes your daily chores fairly enjoyable through fine-tunes and tweaks incorporated into your kitchen and bath design.

Bathroom Improvement

Make your rest room a real room – Lining fixtures against the wall is a no-no. Since you’re dealing with minimum legroom, you want to dish out just about enough space to move around. So instead of lining your bathroom fixtures, organize different functional areas around a central space and give that claimed space a room-like touch and atmosphere.

Your toilet space shouldn’t be larger than your bedroom.

Lighting wishes – With a large amount of activities taking place in this side of the house at all hours of the day, it’s a must that the bright lights are lit in your kitchen. Remember, only by spreading furnishings through your kitchen area and organizing them in layers are you able to ensure enough light to keep your kitchen a pleasant and functional place.

So if you are going to remodel your kitchen, ensure that you go for cupboards that entail both style and expediency.

As these materials age they can show tarnishing and cracks, while still being structurally sound. Ripping out your laminate counter top may seem like the sole option to get it looking as new again, but that kind of project can be disruptive, time-consuming and costly.

With an easy refinishing process you can do Kitchen remodeling without spending lots of time or cash and without creating big quantities of waste. You get to be environmentally responsible while you save, and you get a fantastic looking kitchen or bath at the end!

The Look-Aside from the convenience, the minimal waste, and the nominal cost concerned in refinishing countertops, there is also the look of the matter to consider. With bathroom or kitchen refurbishment there are customarily 2 factors in play – the space you need to transform is damaged in some way and/or you want that space to have a new look or feel. With refinishing you can meet both these goals without effort. Because you are creating a wholly new surface, you get to select what it’ll look like. You can go for a counter top that looks quite like the old one did when it was new, or you can select a completely new color or style. Your contractor will have numerous options to pick from – the hardest part of the whole process could be selecting which one you want!

Choosing to refinish your bathroom or kitchen counter top, however, is a win-win situation – you save time, cash and resources, and you come out with a counter top that is better than new.